Cemetery Information

St. John's Lutheran - Cemetery 
Guidelines for Floral Remembrances
It is appropriate that those who place flowers and plants at a headstone also care for them. The cemetery staff will remove floral remembrances at the point when they compromise the overall beauty of the cemetery.
Annuals and perennials may be planted within twelve inches of the front of a headstone. The soil may be turned over to receive plants. If annuals are not removed at the end of the season, they will be removed by the cemetery staff.
Cut flowers may be placed in front of a headstone. They will be removed when they have withered. Vases will be retained only if arrangements are made with the cemetery staff.
Living plants will be watered periodically by the cemetery staff if necessary.  Weeds will be removed if possible.
Artificial flowers and plants are discouraged but allowed. They will be removed if they become worn.