Campus Ministry

WELS Campus Ministry 
at St. John’s, Mequon

What is WELS Campus Ministry?
WELS Campus Ministry is supported by Trinity and St. John’s Lutheran Churches in Mequon to serve WELS students and their friends enrolled in Concordia University-Wisconsin. Campus Ministry uses the newly-renovated St. John’s Center located 2.7 miles from the CU-W campus. The ministry at St. John’s is affiliated with other WELS campus ministries around the country.

What does WELS Campus Ministry do?
The ministry provides an off-campus place to relax and study. 
The ministry offers opportunities to enjoy fellowship and form friendships with other WELS students.
The ministry enables Bible study relevant to college students.
The ministry provides a pastoral voice for any student who desires to talk one-on-one.
The ministry plans social activities held at St. John’s and in the Mequon area.  
The ministry usually meets on Saturdays or Sundays according to a shared schedule.
The ministry relies on student interests, input, and planning.
The ministry encourages students to invite non-WELS friends to get-togethers.
The ministry supports student mission trips to churches around WELS. 


Why WELS Campus Ministry at a Lutheran university?
Concordia University is operated by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and is known for its confessional Lutheran position. Over 100 WELS students have chosen to study at CU-W.
All CU-W students are obligated to take religion courses. Campus ministry enables WELS students to be active Bible students in a smaller and more casual setting.
On-campus chapel services are attractive to many WELS students. Campus ministry provides opportunities to worship and commune with fellow WELS members.
We understand why CU-W does not allow religious groups other than LCMS groups to meet on campus. WELS Campus Ministry depends on WELS students to invite and encourage other WELS students.

How do I get to the WELS Campus Ministry location?
St. John’s Center is located at 1616 W. Mequon Road across from Children’s Hospital. Rides for those without cars can be arranged.
Who carries out and guides WELS Campus Ministry?
Pastor James Tiefel serves St. John’s and guides the ministry. He works with a senior student from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary who gained campus ministry experience at Texas A&M University during his vicar year. Pastor Tiefel can be contacted at (262) 853-9723 or


The Concordia campus ministry is affiliated with the WELS Commission on Campus Ministry.