Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry at Concordia University-Wisconsin

The pastoral staff at St. John’s reaches out to WELS students attending Concordia University-Wisconsin, located about three miles from St. John’s Church. Each summer the pastoral staff contacts WELS area Lutheran High Schools in eastern Wisconsin seeking names and contact information from guidance counselors about Concordia enrollees. We communicate with these students by email and phone texts.
The challenge in serving Concordia students is Concordia’s policy to disallow campus gatherings of religious groups other than those associated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Concordia’s sponsoring denomination. Gatherings are held at St. John’s Church, although staff is able to meet with individual students on campus.
CU students are involved in communicating with other WELS students and in planning activities. Students regularly gather at St. John’s for Bible study and fellowship activities. 
The main person responsible for the campus ministry is the congregation’s vicar, a senior student at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, who has experience in campus ministry from previous service in a WELS congregation. Joshua Busch carries out this work. He can be contacted at (507) 441-1576 or at Information may also be sought from St. John’s pastor, Pastor James Tiefel, at (262) 853-9723 or
The Concordia campus ministry is affiliated with the WELS Commission on Campus Ministry.